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How can video help me?

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Promote your BUSINESS, GROUP or CAUSE with a professionally produced video.


Share your video via SOCIAL MEDIA, using ad campaigns, pinned posts & other marketing techniques to grab the attention of potential customers/fans/sponsors.


a range of Services including:

Engaging promotional videos

Marketing Campaigns

Live events/performances/music videos


Something else?

Hearts Divine Etsy Advert

The original home of Sparkly fun framed pictures!


A short video to promote Hearts Divine's Etsy store

via social media...

since being posted on the businesses Facebook page

it has gathered nearly 6000 views, resulting in a strong increase in online sales.




a short attention grabbing video to direct traffic to my own facebook page.

So far it has reached almost 22,000 facebook users and I have seen a sharp increase in Wedding Video enquiries.


'Remember Sammy Jankis'

Performing a cover of Johnny Cash's 'Cocaine Blues'


a last minute request by the band to have a recording of their first live performance, produced without any planning or idea of what to expect, this is the result, and they loved it!

It is now used as a promotional tool for future gigs.

'Xmas with Bing'


This is a short fun video I made during a little downtime over Xmas, the video is promoted as a 'just for fun' production, but has since racked up over a 1000 views, increasing traffic to my own Facebook Page.

Cotswolds in Autumn

The Ship Graveyard

The Cotswolds Weather

I take my camera EVERYWHERE....

Above are just a few pieces I edited together with footage taken on a little getaway in the Cotswolds...the videos have since been used on numerous tourist websites & social media pages.

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